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Rubber Powder Mesh Number
Rubber Powder Mesh Number

Anhui Micro-Wei Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. production of rubber powder is through the rubber powder and oil and a variety of additives mixing, and in a certain temperature after the formation of products, the use of excellent results! The comprehensive cost has the very strong superiority, can for the waterproofing coiled material factory each square metre material reduction cost many, is suitable for each kind of waterproofing membrane use.

Rubber particle size conversion: The head is a unit of length, usually using the number of holes in the screen size. Because of the existence of wire mesh, the mesh number and the corresponding length are not completely linear, but the higher the mesh number, the smaller the length. Commonly used in the number of mesh and length of the corresponding rough calculation method.

Coarse calculation method: diameter d=25.4/Mesh number x0.65 (1 inches equals 25.4 m).

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