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Material characteristics and function of road deceleration belt

The road deceleration belt has greatly reduced the traffic arteries accident occurrence, is the traffic safety new specialized facility, the automobile in the traveling safe also plays the buffer deceleration goal. Below and micro-Wei environmental small set together to learn, the road deceleration belt related knowledge!

    Characteristics of road Deceleration belt:

1, professional design, deceleration efficiency is significant, and no noise and discomfort.

2, High-strength rubber solid and practical, withstand pressure lasting.

3, according to the actual requirements, rapid and flexible combination, easy to install,

4,With a wide range of security products, a new generation of managers, a good helper.

    5, the road deceleration belt also known as deceleration plate, deceleration arch, buffer belt, deceleration slope, deceleration glue, deceleration cushion, deceleration road arch.

6, road deceleration belt black and yellow, is to arouse people's visual attention, is used to reduce motor vehicles, non-motorized speed of the new traffic-specific security settings.

       Road Deceleration BeltMaterial:

Made of high-strength rubber, rubber deceleration belt damping, compressive resistance is very good, long life, less wear and tear, less noise, the color of eye-catching yellow and black, color clear, whether in the daytime or night are highly visible.

       Installation location:

Mainly used in urban intersection, highway crossings, toll channels, garden, community, car park, garage, gas station, such as entrance, up and down slopes and other places on the ground.

    Installation method:

Installation is more convenient, usually using standard block any combination of methods and advanced "internal expansion anchoring technology", with screws firmly fixed on the ground, the installation of solid, stable and reliable, vehicle impact will not loose.


Remind the driver to slow down, when the car passes, there is noise and recovery function, to prevent the brakes when there is traffic accident.

Hope that through the above introduction, everyone in the daily life of road deceleration with a further understanding, can drive safely, do a law-abiding good citizen, civilized driving.



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