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Extensive application of waste tyre treatment

   Waste tyre TreatmentEquipment alias Waste tire rubber powder production line. Equipment composition: Tire cutting machine, tyre crusher, rubber crushing machine, rubber crushing machine, fiber separator, milling machine, packaging machine.Research on waste tyre treatment technology with micro-Wei environmental protection focus,Access to a number of waste gas treatment technology patents, effective。 Beautiful appearance, small footprint, low operating cost。 Professional Construction Team, Butler-style after-sales service!Below and small set together to study, the waste tire treatment brought about by the economic benefits, the use is quite extensive drop! 

    First、 Waste Tyre Refining:
Waste tires have technology is the waste tires through heating, pressure, add catalysts and other methods of refining fuel technology, the technology, if the use of simple low-cost equipment, easy to cause two of pollution, there are many hidden in the deep Mountains oil refining Black Workshop, these years there are a lot of reports. In foreign countries, the use of waste tire refining technology, but using the technology must use advanced equipment to avoid damage to the environment again.

    Second、 Tire Rubber Powder Reclaimed rubber:
Tire Rubber Powder Recycling technology, is the first use of waste tire rubber powder equipment will be crushed into 20~30 purpose of rubber powder, and then the powder desulfurization treatment, so that the rubber powder to form a softening of the renewable rubber can be arbitrarily plastic, to reprocessing into any rubber products. Late desulfurization process technology is not clearance, but also easy to cause pollution.

Third、 Tyre renovation:  
Tyre refurbishment is a technology that has been overhauled to make tyres that have been worn or otherwise damaged and reused. This technology includes the top, the shoulder, and the full turn, this technology has more applications abroad

Four, tire rubber powder Waterproof leakage:  
Waterproofing membrane is mainly used for housing leakage, now most houses will do waterproof and leak-proof work, the industry throughout the country, the amount of waterproofing membrane is very large, the technical rubber powder is also the main raw material, because waterproofing membrane is also a modified asphalt.
Tire Rubber Particle Application:
In addition to using waste tire rubber powder equipment will be used to make the waste tire rubber powder reuse, the waste tires made of particles also have a very wide range of uses, such as rubber mats, rubber runway.
ComprehensiveSaid, the small set in this note, the method of waste tire processing in China has formed an industrial chain, can be described as the cause of our environmental protection has contributed to a force, in the context of environmental protection to make treasure, recycling, is worth us all to learn.


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