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How to reduce vibration and noise of high damping sound insulation board?

With the rapid development of social economy, the face of noisy cities, people are more and more eager to quiet, at this time, it is the turn of the high damping sound insulation board to play. For example, a lot of KTV friends will know to do sound insulation with high damping sound insulation board, but do not know why it is sound, the following let micro-Wei environmental small series to lead us to study together, parents, do not miss this opportunity to increase knowledge ha!

   Damping is a function that hinders the relative motion of an object and transforms it into heat energy. General metal materials (such as steel, lead, copper, etc.) of the inherent damping is small, so the use of damping materials used in the method to increase its damping. But KTV and other entertainment commonly used audio equipment in order to maintain sound quality and will not be in the equipment of the metal to add damping, so the use of high damping sound insulation material to reduce vibration, damping can be transmitted along the structure of vibration energy attenuation, but also to reduce the resonance frequency near the vibration. In fact, damping is effective in reducing the vibration of structures at resonant frequencies.

   Damping material with cork, soft rubber or some other polymer materials composed of sound insulation plate can reduce most of the noise, sound insulation plate is mainly due to damping can weaken the strength of bending vibration of metal plate. The noise reduction process is that when the metal bending vibration, its vibration energy quickly passed to the close vibration source of sound insulation material, causing the damping insulation material internal friction and dislocation.

Because of the internal loss and internal friction of the damping material, the vibration energy of the metal plate is converted into heat energy and the loss is dissipated, thus weakening the vibration. Moreover, the damping can shorten the vibration time of the wall plate excited vibration. For example, no sound insulation board, the wall after impact, to vibrate 2s to stop, and the damping material with the sound of the same size of the impact force, its vibration time to shorten a lot, but also may be only 0.1s stopped. Many psychologists have pointed out that 50ms is a combination of auditory time. If the audible time is less than 50ms, the human ear must feel the sound is difficult, thereby, to achieve the purpose of controlling the noise.

Anhui Micro-Granville Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. hope that through the above introduction, we can be high damping sound insulation board vibration and noise reduction principle has a certain understanding, if you need more details, you can call us at any time, we will be at your service.


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