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Performance and application of rubber tree-protecting board

    Anhui Micro-Granville Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.Below to explain to you, on the rubber tree Board specific details of knowledge, parents, to seriously study ah, let us rise to knowledge of the opportunity to do not miss Ah!

The main body of the rubber tree Board is made up of two or four plates to be widely used in park, street Green Belt and various places of green trees, rubber tree Board, cover plate surface has rainwater infiltration hole.

The rubber protects the tree board, can make the root of the tree to maintain the soil loose and absorbs the moisture and so on nutrient material, the rubber protects the tree board, protects the tree soil erosion.

Rubber tree plate color can be arbitrarily selected, according to customer requirements to customize the color, thereby improving the environment of production sites.

    Rubber Tree BoardMainly by the tire rubber wire coloring and then by the adhesive coated with a mixture of vulcanization;

Materials: 100%Recovery Tire Rubber Wire

Specifications:Diameter300mm 500mm

Thickness: 15mm; 19mm;

Color:Can be made into similar colours to plants.,As:Mahogany Color,Classic Black,Dark green,Grass,Sea Blue,or adjust the color palette to a variety of custom colors;

         Performance and use:

good protection of trees;

Prevent corrosion,Bacteria grow when surface water is sufficient;

Eliminate the cover around the trees;

Prevent weeds,Trees do not affect the absorption of water and feed,Won't fade,Rot,Contraction and deformation

Maintain a certain amount of humidity around the trees;Neat and tidy

The above is small series to introduce the rubber tree Board of the main performance and use, if you want to know more details, you can call our telephone hotline at any time, we sincerely look forward to working with the vast number of new and old customers to discuss cooperation.


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