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The wide range of application of rubber powder

Rubber powder is the abbreviation of rubber powder. Generally used in the processing of waste tires. Commonly used processing methods are: room temperature crushing method, freezing method, room temperature chemical method. Below let the micro-Wei environmental small series led us to study together,Rubber powderApplication and use.

Rubber powder is widely used in sports plastic playground, playground, rubber floor tile, waterproof membrane, waterproof coating, highway modified asphalt, rubber products and other fields.

The use of rubber powder is shown in the following points, parents, to master ha!

1, the general recycled rubber Factory has a large number of direct acquisition of rubber powder, the national annual production of recycled gum in more than 1 million tons, each province has a size of unequal scaleRecycled rubber Factory, rubber powder is the main raw material of recycled gum.

2, waterproof building materials industry: Today waterproof materials such as rubber asphalt coil, waterproof ointment and so on.

3, Expressway: In the past simply using asphalt, the country's high-grade road must be mixed with rubber powder, both reduce costs, and improve the use of longevityLife。

4, the stadium runway, the airplane runway, the golf course, all uses the scrap rubber powder to be made.

5, powdered powder: The waste rubber powder processing into 60 mesh-80 mesh, directly to do activated rubber powder, but also directly to do rubber products, so that recycled gum technology aUnder the reduction of a lot of processes, and the activation of rubber powder demand, a broad prospect.

6, color composite rubber floor tile: anti-static floor tile, the use of granular waste rubber powder, using a unique process made of color composite floor tileand anti-static flooring, suitable for swimming factory hall, kitchen, bathroom and computer control center room, waterproof or anti-static occasions use, good prospects, profit canView。

7, in other products in addition to the rubber powder: such as motor vehicle brake pads, flame retardant materials, insulation materials, rubber and plastic bottom, window, such as sealing adhesive.

8, composite coating: chemical sealant, will be made of rubber powder composite paint for the composite tile coating, exterior wall coatings, anti-corrosion coatings and other industries.

With the new rubber powder in the world wide price increases, the future of recycled rubber powder is more extensive, the application of waste rubber is to the supply sideto development.

    Anhui Micro-Granville Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.Hope that through the above introduction, we canRubber powderHave further understanding, if has the question, welcome everybody to inquire at any time, we 24 hours to serve you.


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