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Parking Wedge related knowledge

TodayAnhui Micro-Granville Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. will lead us to study, on the parking wedge related knowledge, welcome to read.

The parking wedge is the device used to prevent the unnecessary movement of the vehicle, and the parking wedge is placed between the ramp and the tyre during use to stop the tyre sliding.

The existing lightweight parking wedge is a folding parking wedge, which includes a bottom plate, an upper support board and a support plate, the end of the bottom plate is hinged with one end of the upper supporting plate through the pin shaft, and the top of the supporting plate is hinged with the upper support plate by another pin shaft, and the lower side is offset with the upper board surface of the bottom plate, and the parking wedge of the structure is fixed by the pin shaft of The formation of the axis of the structure, so that its own more freedom, when the whole car parked in the slanting, parking wedge support plate often can not be firmly supported on the plate, resulting in the vehicle will stop wedge flatten, thereby losing the role of stopping the tyre decline.

    Anhui Micro-Granville Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.Production ofParking wedgeWith the following four points of advantage, we follow the pace of small series together under the study!

1. This parking wedge utilizes a sunken part supporting the bottom plate, to support the Board firmly, the structure is simple and reliable, at the same time the upper end of the supporting plate with the support plate limit, the lower end of the support plate with the bottom plate limit, the upper support plate and the backplane in close to the hinge place using the limit structure, this multiple places to ensure that in the stop The upper support plate and the floor limit structure form a limit self-locking mechanism to ensure that the supporting plate is securely fixed and the parking mechanism is effective.

2. The lower convex part of the bottom plate and the antiskid mat are set, and the contact surface of the working condition is used in two kinds of materials. Increase the bottom friction, to ensure better adaptability to a variety of complex conditions, parking more reliable; the spacer is provided with a plurality of oblique grooves to form a zigzag structure on the bottom surface, which increases the friction; The lower convex part opens the Antiskid hole, can further increase the bottom friction, especially the anti-skid pad uses the rubber, the rubber and the hard road surface contact, can play the friction better.

3, support plate set grip, convenient to take the parking wedge, very convenient for customer operation, in the role of the limit self-locking mechanism, when a single hand take to the support plate, will not be due to open the angle of the fingers, so as to play a protective function.

4. The upper surface of the upper branch plate is an arc surface, which can better fit the wheel and increase the force area of the upper support plate, which is helpful to protect the parking wedge and prolong its service life.

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