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How to cross the road to slow down with no harm to the car?

From the body and suspension of the structure, the car over the road deceleration belt this action, is the wheel (including suspension) between the ground and the body of the pressure movement. Today let us follow the Anhui micro-Granville Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Small knitting together to learn, how to slow down the road with the car do not hurt?

First, the vertical over the deceleration belt, the left and right wheels at the same time contraction, the force from the ground by the two wheels of spring, shock absorber shared in half, and not by independent or independent suspension of the impact of the form. At this time the body mainly bear up and down, and is left and right symmetrical, the force is more average.
Second, look at the oblique over the deceleration belt. Obliquely through, the wheel is individually raised by a single wheel, each time only one of the wheels is contracted, the remaining three wheels on the ground. It is like we only lift one foot of the square table until it is off the ground. What's going to happen? One is to lift the force of this foot, than just two feet at the same time to lift the force of a single foot, means that the tire springs, shock absorbers bear a greater load; the second is the desktop in addition to the vertical direction of force, but also by a distorted force, meaning that the body will produce distorted deformation. So oblique over the deceleration belt, for springs, shock absorbers and the entire body (frame), in fact, will produce greater impairment of consumption. This, in turn, explains why oblique passing feels more comfortable than vertical through ——— because the whole system absorbs more energy, and less energy is transmitted to the body.
Finally look at the unilateral cross road deceleration belt. As it is perpendicular to the pass, there is no harm to the tyre. But because each time is a unilateral wheel rolling deceleration belt, there is also a spring, damping load than at the same time through the big situation. The "Lift One Foot" situation also exists, so the body will also distort deformation. The entire force situation with oblique through the deceleration belt similar to the car rod, but the impact of the number halved, but still more than vertical through more damage to the vehicle. Shock absorber Aging can change shock absorbers, but the body frequently distorted deformation brought by the "injury" can not be repaired, will lead to the car earlier appear murmur, loose feeling. Perhaps a lot of people do not know that these phenomena of their own cars, in fact, with your daily wear and deceleration belt of the habit.
Sum,Anhui Micro Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.Tell you, the correct way should be, in the discovery of road deceleration, should be slowed down in advance, speed down, the impact will drop a lot, the feeling of the occupants of the car is good. Then forward through the deceleration belt, the impact balance on both sides of the tires, so that both sides of the wheel slowly through the deceleration belt, so that the chassis of the vehicle can play a very good protective effect. Also note that the car before the deceleration belt to the speed down, but in the past does not matter on the brakes. Brake the car too easy to impact on the braking system, to avoid the brake due to the weight of the car's front suspension system caused by two of the pressure damage. If you want to know more about the road deceleration belt, you can call our hotline at any time.

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