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Installation technique of rubber floor tile

Anhui Micro-Granville Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.The production of rubber floor water permeability is good, excellent price, good elasticity, beautiful shape, with non-slip damping, wear-resistant, reflective, anti-static, comfortable feet, environmental protection, anti-aging, long life and so on. The following is discussed with the small seriesRubber Floor TileRelated knowledge!

Usually rubber tile manufacturers supply and package installation. The laying of rubber tiles is also a science.

First, the paving method of rubber floor tile:

1. First, sweeping the site, cleaning rubbish and sundries

2. Do a good job in the preparation of paving, the first is put line, the line of defense must put two lines, East and west, a line, the purpose is to put the floor tile along the line, so that the spread out more flat.

3. Floor tile Paving requirements, paving the gap of the floor tiles require horizontal vertical can not bend, such as the occurrence of bends should be timely conditioning.

4. Sealing Edge. After all the paving has been checked no problem can be sealed edge. There are two ways to seal the edge, one is to play the glue is more convenient, one is to use wood or nail fixation with the alloy.

Ii. precautions for installation of rubber

1. Temperature:

Flooring should be adapted to the ambient temperature, to be consistent with the ground temperature, in the laying and adhesive natural drying process should avoid the temperature changes, must prevent direct sun.

2. Alignment:

Rubber mat If the floor has been laid in the corner is not aligned, hollow uplift, edge, tilt, need to be modified or resurfacing, must be done before the paste dry.

3. Glue:

In the laying of the ground floor and the back of the floor evenly coated, when the glue will dry, block to paste, and the rubber hammer knock. If the adhesive pollution floor surface should immediately remove clean.

The little one finally told the parents,Rubber floor tile WideUsed in stadiums, kindergartens, sports venues, playgrounds, bathing, swimming, apartments and other indoor and outdoor places, is a safe mat, especially for the nursery and the elderly to pave the way for a good protective role. If you want to know more about this, please feel free to call us.


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