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Functional characteristics of semi-anechoic chamber

Anhui Micro-Granville Environmental Protection Technology Co., LtdSemi-anechoic chamberRelevant knowledge points.

Semi-anechoic chamber is in a closed space to establish a free sound field, in this space, the propagation of sound waves in the media evenly to all directions infinite extension, so that the sound of radiation can be "free" to spread, that is, the reflection of barrier-free objects, there is no interference with environmental noise. The six interface of the room has five surface sound absorbing material, called the Half anechoic chamber.

       The function of semi-anechoic chamber is mainly embodied in the following 3 points, parents, seriously study it!

1. Free field space

The free field refers to the propagation of sound waves in an infinite space, and there is no reflection and reflection surface. The main function of anechoic chamber is to provide a free field space or half free field space for acoustic testing.

The free field radius is used to measure the size of the free field, a well-designed anechoic chamber, the free field radius should be from the center point to the distance from the cusp splitting 1.0 m.

2. Background noise

Semi-anechoic room another function is to provide a low background noise environment to meet the requirements of the test environment. In the test frequency range, the sound pressure level of the background noise is at least 6dB lower than the sound pressure level of the measured sound source, preferably low 12dB.

3, Cut-off frequency

In the design of the semi anechoic chamber, the minimum frequency of the tip splitting coefficient of 0.99 is called the cut-off frequency. The sound absorption system of the wall can guarantee 99% of the sound absorption coefficient, can guarantee the half anechoic chamber in the cut-off frequency above is satisfies the free field condition. Measurements below the cut-off frequency can be modified according to ISO 3746 and ISO 3747 standards.

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