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The characteristics of rubber tree-protecting board

Anhui Micro-Granville Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. productionRubber Tree Boardis our independent research and development, and access to national intellectual property rights protection of one of the products, at present, there are three different forms of tree-retaining board, including a fixed pattern, arbitrary cutting type can be planted grass, flat breathable, permeable can be arbitrary cutting type, the series of products can be targeted at different locations and sizes of trees, and the size of the tree pool are produced, Can be arbitrarily cut assembly molding, to solve the other tree board can not solve the problem, the product beautiful and generous, color can be arbitrarily selected according to the needs and processing production. Pro, specific details, please see below.

First, the product has non-toxic, harmless performance, the product without any radioactive and volatile chemical pollution, without any toxic, harmful substances produced, the product molecular structure is very stable, and successfully passed the EU standard SGS testing.

Second, the product has permeable, breathable performance: rubber tree board is bonded with rubber particles and adhesive bonding, the larger the particle spacing, its permeable permeability is very smooth, relative to other similar products, the product is more conducive to the growth of trees.

Third, the product has the corrosion resistance, anti-aging performance: Because this product molecular structure is very stable, in 50 ℃ and 零下50℃ state will not decompose volatilization, is a kind of does not absorb the water the material, has the very good corrosion resistance, anti-aging ability. Data from various experiments and tests indicate that the product has a lifespan of more than ten years and can be maintained in the original state.

Four, the product has the resistance to trample, the roller presses, does not have the variant performance: This product is the rubber elastic floor extension, its tensile index can reach the international standard, after trampling, the compaction can quickly recover, does not have the variant, does not break, has played the human and the tree harmonious coexistence.

V. Products with water and soil erosion, anti-theft performance: rubber tree Board materials, its recovery value is almost zero, so the use of a very wide range, not only to solve the protection of the environment, prevent soil erosion, protect the trees beautify the city's problems, there is a thorough solution to the theft of thieves patronage.

Small series hope that through the above introduction, we canRubber Tree Board has moreFurther understanding, as long as the pro needs, you can call our hotline, our 24-hour online service!


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