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The count of rubber powder determines its value and use

The rubber powder belongs to the resources two times utilization, it may replace the partial natural rubber to make up the rubber gap, but also may reduce the rubber industry raw material cost, enhances the enterprise economic efficiency.

With the development of science and technology, rubber powder technology and application of the scope is also continuously improved and expanded, rubber powder products have become an important raw materials for rubber. Today, the main and small set to explore how the number of rubber powder determines its value and use it?

The count of rubber powder is very important., decided by its value and use!

---30 Mesh for granules---60The eye is the rubber powder60--120The mesh is fine powder120Before the eye for fine rubber powder,The larger the value, the higher it is.!The higher the use value, the greater the High-tech content.!
    Production of a variety of different amounts of rubber powder mainly look at the screen screen holeμm/Network density Exchange!

Detailed description of rubber powder:

5-10: Runway, school sports Ground, Garden Trail, bowling alley, sidewalk, composite rubber floor tile, anti-static floor tile, artificial lawn, playground, artificial grass soccer field, kindergarten sports venue and recreational court tennis and basketball court.

10-20: Rubber floor tile, plastic runway, lawn quartz sand, cottonseed Peel granule meal, tennis court, volleyball court, golf course, airplane stadium, basketball court and recreational and entertainment field, EPDM safety mat, gymnasium mat, all kinds of stadium mat.

30 Mesh: Modified asphalt additive, insulating plastic material, waterproof materials, shockproof, roof and wall waterproofing membrane,Recycled rubber, Fender, multi-functional mat, stable mat.

40 Mesh: recycled rubber, waterproof membrane, modified asphalt additive, rubber sheets, livestock straw mats, buffers, brake bushings, drainage pipes, gloves, rubber bands, elastic bands, roof signs, brick top liner, fender, multi-functional mats, flame-retardant materials, sound insulation materials, rubber and plastic soles and agricultural oak (milk) rubber products.

With the improvement of the application technology of rubber powder, its applied field will be widened continuously. If a certain amount of rubber powder is added to the asphalt of paving road, the performance of pavement can be improved and so on. Small series on the introduction here, if you want to know more details, you can call us anytime, we will be the first time for you to answer all kinds of problems.


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