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High damping composite sound insulation board the new product was born in Tongcheng

On the morning of October 18, the Noise and Vibration Control Committee of China Environmental Protection Industry Association, Cheng Mingquin, a researcher of the Institute of Acoustics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, made a technical appraisal of the "high damping composite sound insulation board" developed by Anhui Micro-Wei Rubber Group Co., Ltd., and identified the product as having independent intellectual is a new product (new technology) with wide application prospect.


High damping composite sound insulation board is a new type of product for noise vibration control, which is innovative in the combination of metal plate and damp rubber high-temperature and high-pressure compound technology. This series of products can be used as damping rubber matrix material, in line with the principle of circular economy development, product comprehensive performance indicators to reach the leading domestic level, to fill the gap in Anhui province.

On the same day, the expert of the Appraisal Committee listened to the report of the enterprise about the product development and trial, reviewed the relevant data, inspected the production site and carried out a question. The Expert committee recommended that the product be accelerated and popularized.

In recent years, Anhui Wei-wei Plastic parts Group Co., Ltd. is committed to scientific and technological innovation, from the professional production of automotive NVH parts to the direction of shock absorption and noise, has obtained 69 authorized patents, of which 6 invention patents. Anqing by the letter committee, the municipal council, the Bureau of Environmental Protection, Science and Technology Bureau, fan gang town in charge of the appraisal.


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