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Performance characteristics of rubber road tile

Anhui Wei Wei Environmental Science and Technology Co., Ltd. always adhere to the path of independent innovation and research and development, and constantly accelerate the pace of scientific and technological innovation, has successfully developed the use of waste tires recycled fine rubber powder production road deceleration belt,Rubber Road Tile, Rubber tree Board and other public safety environmental protection products, in the industry has always been a leading position. The company produces rubber road tile using selected high-quality materials, rugged more durable, longer service life. The following and small series to discuss the performance characteristics of it!

1, anti-collision, buffer capacity, to protect buildings and vehicles from harm;

2, wide application, a new generation of security products, managers of good helper high-strength rubber, strong pressure, practical;
3, reasonable slope design, large. Small vehicles are applicable to effectively protect the road along the stone and vehicle safety;
4, easy to use, equipped with dual mounting holes for fixed use, wide application, a new generation of security products;
5, High-strength rubber, strong pressure, reflective surface, practical;
6. Reasonable slope design, large. Small vehicles are applicable;
7. Effective protection of road along stone and vehicle safety;
8, slope non-slip treatment to prevent rain and snow weather wheel skid.

Hope that through the above introduction, we can have a further understanding of rubber road tile, for more details, welcome everyone to visit our website at any time, or call our hotline, we will 24 hours for your service, pro, do not miss this opportunity to increase knowledge!


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