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Installation method of reversing Positioner
Installation method of reversing Positioner

Reversing Locator Installation Method: This product is installed in the rear of the parking space, 1 meters away from the first place. Install with expansion screws fixed in each parking space. You must also use the elastic line, with spikes or bolts to secure the side, to ensure that the car wheel locator in the agreed line. If the parking space for the lawn, the first to do the foundation, can be fixed car block seat. Mainly used in car parks and garages, play the role of accurate, tidy, reduce vibration and avoid collision, applicable to underground car park, generally used for large external car parks, residential garages or underground car parks, units factory vehicle parking spaces, open-air parking spaces, such as vehicle parking spaces, etc., in order to avoid vehicles parked in the vehicle, Collisions between vehicles and other objects. The product is installed in the rear of the parking space, according to the size of parking spaces to the standard parking 2.5x5 meters, the general distance from the top 0.8-1.1 meters. It can also be used for urban transportation instead of hard isolation, which is the ideal location and isolation facility.

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